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Take Away

All take away items are found in our take away refrigerator for your quick pick ups. Call us in advance for pick up for larger numbers of packages. Party platters available for your parties. For more details, please see our ‘catering’ page or contact us at

The availability may vary.

95 kr


Comes with rice, glass noodle salad and edamame

  • Karaage – Japanese fried chicken bits
  • Grilled miso marinated salmon
  • Tofu teriyaki


Sushi 10 pc

99 kr

Chef’s selection pf 5pc nigiri and 5pc of rolled sushi

99 kr

Roll sushi 10 pc

Chef’s selection of 2 varieties of rolled sushi

99 kr

Mixed vegetable roll

6 large pieces, with ginger miso dressing

99 kr

Fresh spring roll with salmon

(Tuesday – Friday)

149 kr

Kamikaze Roll

10 pc of shrimp tempura roll


45 kr


35 kr

Side green salad

with ginger miso dressing

50 kr

Glass noodle salad

with seaweed and snowcrab

20 kr

Miso soup

(Tuesday – Friday)

70 kr

Ginger miso dressing

350 ml

15 kr


Ramen Sunday

Served only but every sunday! Don’t forget to reserve a table and even a flavor of broth you like in advance!


Old School Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork bone based broth)

155 kr
  • Authentic and Classic Salt
  • Spicy Garlic with Miso

Sunnyside Yasai Ramen  (Vegetarian friendly vege broth)
*incld egg white 

155 kr
  • Yuzu-pepper Salt
  • Classic Sapporo Style Miso

COMBO MENU (w. Ramen)

Tatsuta Karaage (3pc) & Rice Combo

+ 55 kr
  • Japanese fried chicken bits

Salary-man Special Combo

+ 60 kr
  • with Sapporo Beer. *One bottle per one bowl of ramen.


45 kr


115 kr


Japanese style fried chicken

  • Dip sause (Spicy mayo/Ponzu sauce w. radish salt/Pickled plum tartar) + 15 kr

Buta no kakuni

125 kr

Long-simmered pork belly

  • Seared Long-simmered pork belly, with truffle oil and radish. Another step higher of BLY classic. Enjoy the after taste … Really.


Kirin beer

75 kr

Sapporo beer

75 kr

Hitachino beer

95 kr

Chilled sake

from 105 kr

White & red wine

from 105 kr

Set Menu

’Pre-selected’ set menu
Available from 385 kr per person (food only)

We recommend this set menu for a party of 6 or more, for ensuring your unified dining experience with prompt service. All dishes are to be served one by one, typically starting from cold dishes, warm dishes, and sushi.

Some dishes are served to be shared with everyone in a party. The menu consists many of our popular dishes, with better price-value, for you to enjoy our BLY classics.

If you are looking for more volume, or more up scaled, including any particular dishes into the menu, you are welcome to consult with our staff in advance. We will make suggestions accordingly.

Cold dishes

  • Sea salted edamame beans
  • Sea bream carpaccio with citrus soy sauce
  • Sashimi and avocado salad with ginger-miso dressing

Warm dishes

  • Miso marinated grilled black cod, Kyoto style
  • Grilled eggplant with garlic miso
  • Japanese fried chicken bits, with dipping sauce

Sushi dishes (assortment from below)

  • Kamikaze roll
  • Volcano roll
  • Thai Kick roll
    *descriptions of each item are available at our menu page
    *Assortment may be changed depending on availability.

Please note at followings

  • We take a booking of 10 or more ONLY with the set menu.
  • We can arrange the contents of the menu accordingly if anyone with food allergies or diet restrictions. Please consult with our staff in advance.


The chef decides, you enjoy!


595 kr

Without sake: 525 kr

A dinner menu the chef creates after season and inspiration. He will ask about allergies, other than that there will be no discussion. Simply relax and enjoy. Cold sake is included. Only served in the red room.

This is a real speciality and can only be ordered by one party of up to four people each night between Wednesday and Saturday. Needs to be ordered at least two workdays in advance.

Note: Red Light Yokohama is not recommended if you like to take the decisions about what to eat by yourself. Here the chef will decide, take the chance to try food you never have ordered.

Two types of genuine japanese tea (Sencha and Hojicha) from Ippodo Tea Co. are included.


How to order, eat and enjoy
Our menu consists of small dishes, served in no particular order. Three or four dishes per person are usually enough, if you want more, just order more! We recommend that you try all sorts of dishes; fried, simmered, raw, steamed and grilled, they are all delicious. Don’t forget the sushi!
Each dish is meant to be shared by everyone at the table. The more people at the table, the more dishes to experience! Use your chopsticks to pick up food from the shared plates.

The Izakaya experience
In Japan, an izakaya is a casual restaurant that serves a wide range of dishes and a few specialities. Food and drink are of equal importance to the experience and we work hard to make sure that you are pleased with your visit, just as any respectable izakaya would!

If you love BLYs dinner, we have something even more special. Red Light Yokohama is a pre-ordered dinner menu the chef creates after season and inspiration, where you can take the chance to try food you can’t order from the usual menu. Check our website or ask our staff for more information.


Download the menu in PDF