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Amabuki Sake Themed Pairing Dinner – Flower yeast –

at Blue Light Yokohama 

with Sake Aikokai


Amabuki Brewery was established over 300 years ago by the foot of Mount Amabuki, located in the Saga prefecture.


Yeast is an essential part in sake brewing. Historically, sake yeast has been cultured from a strain extracted from sake mash but at Amabuki, they use flower yeast, a type of yeast that has been extracted from flowers, a  totally new and innovative yeast developed with the effort to truly make a difference in sake making.


Flower yeasts are full of individuality, and each type of flower yeast has its own, clearly distinct flavor and aroma. Such as the fruity and sharp profile of abelia, or the sophisticated fragrance and robust flavor of marigold that create a profile perfectly suited for warmed sake. Flower yeasts offer a wide variety of profiles, from soft and richly florid aromas to strong and deep flavorful, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere to soothe the souls of those who partake of Amabuki.


For this event, we will be offering a special 5-course meal paired with 5 sake from Amabuki Brewery.

Our sake sommelier will explain each sake and the paring ideas.


The sake list includes Amabuki Junmai Daiginjo Apple, a very balanced Junmai Daiginjo brewed with Apple flower yeast which gives a hint of green apple and more acidity.


Price: 625 kr (includes 5 sakes with pairing)

When: Wednesday, 19th September 2019, starting at 20:00-22;00

Where: Blue Light Yokohama

Åsögatan 170, Stockholm


As this is a promotional event, we have only 12 places available,

so please book early to avoid disappointment!


Booking information:

Max number of seats for the event: 12

Price: 625 Per guest, a Cancellation fee of 50% if the cancellation has been made within 48 hours of the start of the event.

How to book: Bookings only through email sent to (can be reached from the contact tab on the website) in the mail please entail, full name, email address, mobile phone number and the number of seats you wish to book.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!